Lu is an experienced Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue Technician and carries current First Aid and CPR certifications. He is long time backcountry traveler and has many successful years of experience in guiding clients on fly fishing, cycling and hiking trips into remote areas. First and foremost among his concerns is your safety and he will do everything possible to minimize the risks and educate you to safely enjoy your Chilean vacation. Our guides, trained in Basic First Aid and CPR are also extremely competent backcountry travelers and boatmen.

Chile is a very civilized country and has recently been voted as the safest country in Latin America to travel to. The larger cities of Santiago and Puerto Montt, like any large cities in the U.S. have their problems and travelers should use normal safe travel precautions. South of Puerto Montt you will find amazingly honest and friendly people willing to go out of their way to help a traveler.

We ask you on your trip to Chile to keep an expedition mentality whether at the Valle Bonito, or in the backcountry. This means being careful, not taking unnecessary risks, and taking the time to consider the consequences of all of your actions, as a slip or fall could have more serious consequences than it would at home. There are good hospitals in Chile but in Patagonia medical help can often be a long ways away. Although we have detailed plans for evacuation and rescue, the best medicine is prevention. There is a small hospital in Futaleufu (pop. 800), 7 miles by road from the lodge where minor problems can be taken care of. One and a half hours by car, Esquel, Argentina with a population of 30,000 has a good hospital and can provide excellent care. You will have the chance to tell us any health problems or concerns that you may have on our medical information sheet that you will receive after making a reservation. Please make sure that you bring any medications that you might need with you.

There is strong cell phone reception at the Valle Bonito. Public phones and high speed internet access are available 7 miles away in town. Our clients with Blackberries and Iphones have been able to check their emails and make international calls from the Lodge.