1 November 2013

Fly Fishing Patagonia- Rio Grande, Argentina Part 1

1 November 2013,

The Valle Bonito Lodge is located about 12 miles from the Argentine border. It is at this remote border crossing that the Futaleufu River […]

7 October 2013

Fly Fishing in Chile – Yelcho Lake Part 2

7 October 2013,

  Up the river about a mile is a smaller braid of the Futaleufu that also enters Yelcho, but in the Southeast Bay just […]

27 September 2013

Fly Fishing in Chile – Yelcho Lake Part 1

27 September 2013,

Yelcho Lake to me, offers some of the best and most exciting fly fishing in Chile. It’s crystal blue waters extend almost twenty five […]

13 September 2013

Fly Fishing the Futaleufu River in Southern Chile

13 September 2013,

The Futaleufu River originates high in the Andes on the Argentina/Chile border, flows eastward through Argentina a short ways before recrossing the mountains, entering […]